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This recap of "Under God's Power She Flourishes" features a detailed section on each scene of the episode.

Scene 1[]

Jimmy Darmody is awakened by Angela repeating his name. She tells him that she has to leave and apologises. He asks if he was dreaming and fades back into sleep as she tells him they are in Princeton, New Jersey (it is 1916). She hugs him and he reawakens and asks her not to go. She tells him that she is working the breakfast shift and he asks her to let the customers starve. He begins to drift off again until she puts on the bedside lamp and shows him a sketch she drew of him sleeping. He wonders if his hair really looks like her depiction. They are startled by voices outside the room; he apologises. He tells Angela that his mother (Gillian) is coming to town and mocks her claims that she needs to see him. Angela says that she will stay out of his way but Jimmy says he wants them to meet. Angela agrees and Jimmy reassures her that Gillian will love her. There is a knock at the door and Angela stands away from Jimmy. Cal Widdecombe (Jimmy's roommate) enters, telling them that Jimmy owes him his life because he covered for him with their dormitory warden, Mrs Krakower. Jimmy says that his excuse, reciting Robert Service to himself, makes sense because he is sadly in the habit of doing so. Cal watches the stairs as Angela sneaks out. She asks Jimmy if they can go back to using his car next time. He admits that it was not his car, with a smile. He directs her to the bathroom and she jokingly tells him that she hates him. He reaches for her hand as she walks away, telling her he has one more thing before pulling her close for a kiss. He says he will see her that night and she defers, saying maybe. As Angela goes into the bathroom Cal asks Jimmy how it is that Jimmy has a girlfriend when he does not.

On July 26 1921 Nucky Thompson meets with his defence attorney Bill Fallon in his new office at his home. Fallon has met with prosecutor Esther Randolph and jokes that she is vinegary for a cookie. Nucky asks about the judge and Fallon admits that he was not receptive to signals about bribery. Nucky instructs Fallon to press harder and Fallon refuses, saying that he cannot do more without exposing himself to charges. In the corner of the room Harlan decants whiskey. Fallon tells Nucky that Randolph is concentrating on the murder charges levelled against him for ordering the death of Hans Schroeder. Her case is largely based on the testimony of Deputy Halloran. Nucky asks about Eli and Fallon confuses him by saying that Eli is not talking. Nucky assumes he means to the investigators but Fallon clarifies that he means that Eli is not talking to them. Nucky lies that he is innocent and Fallon says that he would not have taken the case if he believed otherwise. Not quite believing Fallon Nucky asks for more news. Fallon reveals that Randolph is having Prohibition Agent Nelson Van Alden testify. Nucky describes Van Alden as a bigamist and Fallon disagrees, correctly stating that Van Alden is an adulterer with a child by Nucky’s former mistress Lucy Danziger. Fallon says that it is best to keep such matters from the jury to avoid confusion, making a reference to ox goring in the Torah. Fallon points out that as an agent of the Treasury Van Alden may still seem sympathetic to some jurors. Nucky wonders why Harlan is still hovering behind Fallon having completed his task and dismisses him. Nucky asks how bad things look and Fallon warns him that it would be prudent to get his finances in order. Nucky asks Fallon to get him a whiskey; Fallon goes to the bar and pours from the freshly filled decanter. Harlan slowly picks up a tray and Nucky asks if he wasn’t clear earlier, Harlan is polite but remains in the room. Nucky asks what he has to say and Harlan begins by reminding Nucky that he has kept him working throughout the strike. Nucky says that he does not need a thank you and Harlan nods. Harlan moves on to reiterate his membership of the Shiloh Baptist Church and Nucky impatiently says that he appreciates Harlan’s prayers and again asks him to leave. Fallon realizes Harlan has more to say and asks him what it is. Harlan relates the story of Van Alden drowning his partner Eric Sebso in full view of the congregation during Deacon Cuffy’s week of miracles event the previous year. Fallon is impressed and checks Harlan’s name.

Sigrid cooks breakfast in Van Alden’s apartment. He emerges from the bedroom and they exchange greetings. He asks after his daughter Abigail and learns that she is sleeping. Sigrid pours coffee for him as he sits at the table. She speaks to him in Dutch and he does not understand. She explains that she assumed he was Dutch and that she asked how he was. He clarifies that he comes from upstate New York. She asks if he visits his parents there and he says that they do not enjoy his company. She wonders how this came to be and he elucidates that his parents were followers of Reverend Edgerton Sterry who incorrectly prophesised that the Second Coming would occur in 1892. Sigrid notes that she was not even born then. Van Alden goes on to say that his father gave away the family farm in anticipation of judgement day and that the family lived in poverty, in a tent for a year. Sigrid says “this did not happen.” Van Alden notes that his father never recovered from the failure of the prophecy and cannot bear seeing him because he is a reminder. Sigrid reassures Van Alden that Jesus will still come. He wonders if this worries her. She recognizes that this is a sign of his own concern and reassures him that he is a good man and need not be afraid.

Margaret Schroeder watches as Dr Holt reviews her daughter Emily, who now has her leg braces fitted, at the Atlantic City Children's Hospital. Also present are Margaret’s priest Father Brennan and a nurse. Holt asks if Emily is willing to try walking. Emily looks to Margaret who encourages her. They help her down from the couch and into a standing position, Holt supporting her on one side and Margaret on the other. Margaret asks how it feels and Emily tells her that her legs are rubbery. Holt warns Emily that they are going to let go and Margaret reassures her that they will remain by her side. When they do so Emily begins to collapse so they quickly help her back onto the couch. Nevertheless, Holt tells Emily that she did well and Margaret praises Emily for standing straight up. Margaret asks Brennan to confirm this and he tells Emily that she was right there with the best of them. Holt offers her a lolly from his coat pocket and Margaret prompts her to say thank you. Holt asks for Emily’s permission to talk to Margaret in private, which she grants. Holt tells Margaret that Emily needs to develop strength in her upper body and cautions her not to let Emily revert to crawling. Holt goes to sign Emily’s discharge papers and Brennan takes Margaret to the corridor. Brennan reassures Margaret that god will hold her up, just as she has held up Emily. Margaret worries that she needs to support herself and Brennan tells her the parable of the spoons to illustrate that it is necessary to help others and to accept help. He tells her that her donation has been added to the fund to construct a new parish hall and that they now have enough for walls and flooring but not for the roof. Margaret offers more and Brennan claims that this was not what he meant before leaving. Margaret looks back at Emily, holding her new doll.

At Jimmy’s beach house Gillian watches from the window as ambulance men load the bodies of Angela and Louise onto their vehicle. A Sheriff's Deputy questions her about Jimmy, asking where he was at the time of the murders. Gillian says that Jimmy is away on business but refuses to clarify the nature of that business. She wonders why Eli is not there as she specifically requested him. She tells the Deputy to talk to Eli and he says that he is trying to get the facts straight. Gillian tells him the facts; Angela was having sex with a woman, noting that it was unlikely to be the first time, when an intruder broke in and killed them both. Gillian walks past the deputy into the lounge where Richard Harrow is sat. The deputy wonders if Harrow is an associate of Jimmy and asks him if he knows where Jimmy is. Gillian stops Harrow from speaking and tells the Deputy that he is a simpleton, asking Harrow to confirm this. The Deputy leaves, telling them he will let them know when the body can be claimed. Gillian thanks him for his sympathy and, once he is gone, asks if Harrow was able to reach Jimmy. He says that Jimmy did not answer the phone and Gillian says that Jimmy needs to come home to stop people from getting the wrong idea. Harrow excuses himself and goes back to the bedroom. He looks at the pool of blood where the bodies lay, kneels next to it and rubs his fingertips into it before bringing them up to his face.

In 1916 Jimmy reads aloud from The White Devil by John Webster to a seminar group. His professor prompts him when he stumbles over the place name “Padua” and Jimmy continues. The professor, Mr Pearson, asks the students the meaning of the passage Jimmy has read, directing the question at a pupil named Carruthers. He says that you must bribe someone in order to graduate from college. The class laugh and the professor admonishes Carruthers to think more broadly, joking that it might be true in his case. He asks another student, Mr LeBarron, who says that the book depicts a corrupt society that corrupts its members. The professor tells the class that it is part of the Jacobean style to depict Italy as corrupt and the women as whores while the men are panderers. He asks for a more specific interpretation of the scene and Jimmy offers one; his mother taught him things that are not of use and that he is hungry for the riches of those around him. The professor congratulates Jimmy and ends the tutorial, telling his class that they will discuss The Revenger’s Tragedy next week. Marten Sharpe tells Pearson that he will be unable to attend because his unit, the SATC, is on manoeuvres. Pearson notes that Sharpe is taking his soldiering seriously, Sharpe says that they are headed war and Jimmy jokingly interjects that Sharpe just likes the uniform. Sharpe is offended, saying that he is a patriot, and Jimmy says that the Kaiser has not hurt him. Another of his classmates, Tom, tells Jimmy that he had a brother who died on the Lusitania. Jimmy apologises and Pearson dismisses the group.

As Jimmy goes to leave Pearson asks him for a minute. Pearson tells Jimmy that he cannot win against the privileged with jokes. Jimmy admits that it was stupid and offers his origins in Atlantic City as an explanation for his tendency to “come out swinging.” Pearson is amused and wonders if Jimmy will return there after graduation. Jimmy says that Nucky intends him to do so, describing Nucky as his guardian. Pearson wonders if Nucky is a Princeton graduate and Jimmy says that he is not but has connections of his own. Pearson guesses that Nucky is paying the college’s fees and Jimmy confirms that Nucky will do so as long as he does not make mistakes there. Pearson wonders if Jimmy feels that he is making mistakes and Jimmy is uncertain. Pearson says that students like Sharpe and LeBarron are set in life because of their background but that people like Jimmy and himself need to be clever. Jimmy wonders how they are similar and Pearson tells him that his father was a railway conductor before retiring and while proud of him, does not really understand his job. Pearson dismisses Jimmy and Jimmy thanks him. As Jimmy exits Pearson quote a line from The White Devil, Jimmy is able to quote the corresponding answer back to him. Pearson calls Webster’s writing terrific stuff and tells Jimmy he will see him at the mixer later.

At their Atlantic City bootlegging warehouse Mickey Doyle, Lucky Luciano, Meyer Lansky and Al Capone meet to discuss their progress selling their diluted medicinal alcohol out of town; the stock in the warehouse is depleted and Doyle’s team of workers are absent. Doyle reports that he has sold his entire share in Philadelphia and Luciano adds that they sold their portion in Hoboken without having to return to New York. Lansky keeps track of figures in his notebook. Doyle wonders what they should do with Jimmy’s share and Luciano says that it belongs to them now, stating his belief that Jimmy will not return to Atlantic City. Capone admits that if he had found his wife with a woman then he would have killed her the same way. Luciano says that he would not blame Capone’s wife if she slept with a woman. Doyle asserts that Jimmy will return because it was Manny Horwitz that killed his wife. The others are silenced and Doyle adds that there is agitation between Jimmy and Manny. Luciano says that is Jimmy’s problem and Capone instructs Doyle to sell Jimmy’s portion of the stock. Doyle wonders how they will pay Jimmy and Lansky tells Doyle to do so out of his own share. Doyle wonders why it falls to him and Capone insults him and laughs. Doyle wonders what is left for him after Jimmy and Luciano reminds him that Arnold Rothstein holds a life insurance policy on him. Luciano threatens to kill Doyle and split the insurance money with Capone. The threat is seemingly effective and Doyle says that he accepts having to pay Jimmy. Capone slaps Doyle twice and they leave him alone in the warehouse.

At home Margaret has told Nucky the parable of the spoons but he sees an error in the logic, wondering why the sinners did not hold the spoons higher up the handles in order to feed themselves. Margaret says that Nucky has missed the point and he says that he finds parables nonsensical. Margaret reminds him that he used a joke to illustrate a point recently. He says that this is different and she asks how. He says that the story he told was about helping yourself with whatever is available. Margaret wonders if he believes in any higher power and he cites the federal government. Margaret brushes her hair and Nucky tells her that he is unsure of god’s existence but is sure that there is no divine retribution. Margaret asks what he thinks of the evidence and he says that her experience is coincidence not evidence. Emly calls for help going to the bathroom and Margaret goes to aid her.

A Sheriff’s Deputy lets Eli’s lawyer Douglas Wallbridge into his cell in the Atlantic County Jail and tells him to shout when they are finished. Eli asks what the discovery process has revealed and Wallbridge says that he has brought Halloran’s deposition. Wallbridge wants Eli to read the file but Eli guesses that it contains Halloran’s accusation that he murdered Hans Schroeder and dissembles that it is untrue. Wallbridge wonders what motivation Halloran has to implicate Eli. Eli claims that Halloran is bitter after being forced to stand down as Sheriff and over the beating he received during the strike breakers' attack. Eli falsely blames the striking African Americans for Halloran’s injuries and lies that he was not involved. Wallbridge folds his arms and reminds Eli that he is there to help. Eli asks Wallbridge to get him bail and Wallbridge says that Eli is viewed as a flight risk. Eli says that Atlantic City is his town and that he has nowhere else to go. Wallbridge says that Randolph would be willing to remove the death penalty for Eli from her case if he will testify that Nucky ordered him to kill Hans.

Jimmy stops to watch a train pass the window as he unpacks Gillian’s suitcase in her boarding room. She sits on the bed smoking as he works. He asks her what is wrong and she says that she wanted to see him, afraid that he is changing fast. He denies changing and she reasserts that he is; revealing that she heard shocking rumours from Mrs Krakower when she visited his dormitory. Jimmy calls Krakower a busybody and Gillian says that she reported women calling in the night. Jimmy points out that it was Gillian that called him. Gillian says that he has been seen kissing underfed waitresses. He tells her that it was Angela and Gillian wonders if they have done more. Jimmy tells Gillian that Angela draws and Gillian says that a chimney draws. Jimmy asks after Gillian’s latest beau, calling him Mr Gunterson. She corrects him, saying that it was Arthur Henderson, and that he revealed that he was married and told her that he thought “girls like [her] could tell.” Jimmy says that Henderson did not deserve her and Gillian’s says that she got her pleasures and that is all that matters. Gillian asks if he is going to open the bottle of liquor she has brought and he pours her a glass. She says that he can have one too and he tells her that he is supposed to write an essay. She laughs and he pours another, giving one to her and asking wheres she wants her case. She asks him to put it in the closet and tells him she cannot stand the sight of an unpacked suitcase because it reminds her of lonely salesman. He sits next to her on the bed and she tells him that she thought on the train that she cannot get too sad because she has him no matter what. Jimmy knocks his glass against hers, kisses her on the forehead and tells her that he loves her. She pats his knee and asks what they are going to do for fun, describing them both as college kids.

Randolph convenes a meeting of her team at their post office headquarters. Van Alden sits in the partitioned section, staring at his divorce papers. Randolph wonders how a poor widow like Margaret ended up living with a powerful racketeer like Nucky. Clifford Lathrop suggests that Margaret seduced Nucky. Dick Halsey gives Randolph a cup of tea. She asks for Van Alden’s opinion about Margaret and he claims not to have one. Randolph asks Lathrop to bring Margaret in and he instructs Halsey to type up a subpoena. Van Alden signs the divorce papers.

Jimmy watches from a balcony as the mixer guests arrive. He spots Angela and calls to her, saying that he thought she would not come. She meets him halfway up the stairs and says that her aunt’s demands that she clean out the stove changed her mind. She asks him how she looks and he tells her she looks as though she is from Vermont. She smiles and he gives her a corsage. They kiss and she asks if his mother has left. Jimmy’s response is interrupted by Gillian saying that she could not leave without meeting Angela. Jimmy makes introductions and Gillian says they are going to kiss. Angela agrees and Gillian kisses her and takes her hands, saying she needs to “drink her in”. She looks her over, says that Angela looks simple and restrained and that she approves. Angela compliments Gillian’s outfit and Gillian claims that she never knows what to wear. Gillian reminds Jimmy of the corsage and he tucks it into the waistband of Angela’s skirt. Gillian remarks that it is hard to raise a gentleman.

Inside, with drinks in hand, Angela wonders if Jimmy knows all of the guests. He tells her that he knows a few of them and drinks from his glass. He points out a group of upperclassmen and notes their snobbery. Cal approaches and says he is feeling anxious so wants to stand with them. Jimmy tells him to relax and get a drink. He pulls a flask from his breast pocket and says that he has already had one and jokingly asks for Jimmy’s next piece of advice. Angela offers to let him stay with her during the mixer so that they both have someone to talk to. He calls Angela his Roxanne, noting that it is from Cyrano. Jimmy watches as Gillian entertains Pearson and his classmates across the room. Cal tells Angela that he worships her and that his father is rich from his ownership of a tyre factory in Dayton. He then admits that he has had more than one drink and Angela tells him that no-one would notice. Jimmy continues to stare as Gillian flirts with Pearson. He barely hears Angela when she says that she has something to tell him and then asks her to repeat it. She tells him that she is pregnant; he initially steps back. She apologises and he tells her that they can move in together and claims to look forward to it. She wonders if he is proposing and he jokes that it will make getting a lease easier. She worries that he does not know her and he says that he knows that she is a good person.

Nucky works through his financial records. Margaret comes in to the office and confirms that the children are asleep. He offers her a drink which she declines. He asks what is wrong and she says that she is there because he said that he wanted to speak to her. He tells her that he is expecting Eli to testify against him and Margaret wonders what Eli will say. Nucky says that Eli knows enough to put him in jail or even the electric chair. Nucky tells her that his money could be seized as a result of a conviction and details a plan to hide it in her name. She wonders why it is important to him to give money to her and he complains that he cannot talk to her when she is like this. She asserts that it was a sincere question and he tells her that he cares what happens to her. She responds that she believes he is trying to convince himself that something good is going to come out of his life. She thinks that he is looking for salvation by providing for her and she tells him that she wishes it could save him. He wonders if Brennan has put these thoughts into her head and she claims that they are her own. Nucky returns to the subject of his land ownership and tells her that there is 160,000 acres held by a company owned by Mayor Bader’s brother but that he currently controls the voting stock. He plans to transfer the stock to Margaret so that she can later move it on to an out-of-state corporation. She sinks back in the chair, tuning out his scheme.

Jimmy drinks alone in the corridor, the Princeton college motto “Dei sub numine viget” (Latin, meaning Under God's power she flourishes) is engraved on a stone behind him. Angela finds him there and asks if he is coming back inside. He says that he was just getting some air. Gillian runs out of a stairwell, her dress torn from one shoulder. Jimmy asks what happened and she says that she thought they were just flirting. Pearson emerges after her and lights a cigarette. Jimmy hands his jacket and hip flask to Angela and approaches Pearson. Pearson sits down on the steps and greets Jimmy. Jimmy asks what Pearson did to his mother. Pearson struggles to believe Gillian is Jimmy’s mother given their closeness in age and describes Jimmy’s life as Jacobean. Jimmy insists that Pearson stand-up, dismissing his warnings. Pearson admonishes Jimmy not to do anything stupid and offers to deliver a convincing apology. Jimmy punches him in the face, bloodying his nose and knocking him back onto the steps. Pearson offers to pretend the incident did not happen if Jimmy walks away. Jimmy tells him that it is happening and punches him repeatedly. Angela is horrified while Gillian is thrilled.

Van Alden arrives at the warehouse and is greeted by Doyle. Van Alden tells Doyle that he found his note confusing and mispronounces his full first name; Miechelslaub. Doyle says that he was trying to keep their contact on the hush and invites Van Alden to sit. He insists when Van Alden refuses the seat, saying that the does not like the way that Van Alden looms. Van Alden complies, then asks what Doyle wants. Doyle complains that he worked hard on his current operation and has been rewarded with only pain. Van Alden commiserates and Doyle tells Van Alden that he and his partners are going to sit down to split up their money, naming Luciano and Capone. Van Alden asks about Jimmy and Doyle says that he has left town. Doyle says that Jimmy is lucky that he is a forgiving person and gestures to his neck, now free from its brace. He tells Van Alden that there will be a lot of money on the table. Van Alden wonders what Doyle wants in return for federal intervention and Doyle demands half of the money for himself. He tells Van Alden that there will be two to three hundred thousand dollars there and reminds Van Alden that this is a far greater amount than that in the envelopes that he has been receiving. Van Alden blinks and Doyle offers a hand. Van Alden says that he would prefer not to. Doyle wonders if he means no. Van Alden walks out of the meeting and Doyle asks if Van Alden is going to act against him. Doyle claims that is not how he thinks but gets no reply from the departing agent.

Jimmy helps a staggering Gillian back to her room at the boarding house. She stops him from turning on the light. He takes a swig from the bottle he opened earlier, emptying it. She notices blood on his shirt and insists he take it off so that she can rinse it. She asks how badly he hurt Pearson and he says that it was enough to get him expelled. She reassures him that Nucky will fix the problem. He wonders why she came and she tells him that she is “the loneliest person on Earth.” She asks him if he loves Angela and he says he does not know then briefly admits that he does not before reverting to uncertainty. She asks him to promise that he will not do anything stupid. He avoids the request by saying they need to get her shoes off and get her into bed. She sits on the chest at the foot of the bed and undoes her suspenders as he helps her remove her shoes. She tumbles off the side of the chest and he catches her. He undoes the back of her dress and she becomes playful when he orders her to raise her arms. Now in her underwear she moves towards the bed and stumbles again. He wraps his arms around her to steady her and she says she hates him seeing her like this. He tells her that she won’t remember in the morning. They tumble into bed together as she tells him that she always remembers everything, no matter what. He asks if she is alright and she says that the room is spinning. He tells her to let herself breathe as he adjusts the covers. She rubs his shoulder and tells him that he knows how to take care of her. He says he has been doing it for long enough and she tells him that when he was little she used to lie in bed, curled up with him. She says that she used to pretend that there was no-one else in the world but them. A train passes and he says goodnight and goes to kiss her forehead. She tilts her head upward and kisses her son open mouthed. She tells him that there is nothing wrong with any of it and repeats this phrase as he returns her passionate kisses. The noise of the train continues as the mother and son have sex.

Jimmy awakens to find Gillian packed and gone. He buries his face in his hands. He is drawn to the window by noise outside and watches as soldiers perform a drill. A latecomer runs to catch the others.

Jimmy meets with an army recruiter to enlist. He lies to the recruiter, telling him that he is an orphan and listing Angela Ianotti as his next of kin. He says that she is his fiancee but is unable to give her address. The recruiter asks him why he is enlisting. Jimmy says that he wants to bayonet the Kaiser because he lost a brother on the Lusitania.

Margaret fiddles with Emily’s leg braces in the servant’s quarters of her home. Owen Sleater comes down the stairs and pauses when he sees her. He apologises and says he did not know that she was there. He has come down looking for food and Margaret says that he will not disturb her. She explains that the braces are chafing Emily’s legs and that she is concerned that they will do damage because Emily has no feeling there. He offers to help and she hands him the offending brace. He says that there is a rough grommet that he could smooth out. She is reluctant until he describes himself as good at rigging things. He sits down, takes a folding knife from his waistcoat and scrapes at the brace with the blade. As he is working he asks her is she thinks about him and confesses that he thinks of her. She tells him to stop and he asks what she will do if he is unable. She tells him she will pray for him and he says that will at least mean that she is thinking of him. Margaret notices Katy listening and Owen looks up at her. Katy turns and runs out of the room.

In the present day, an unkempt Jimmy reaches for a bottle of his own liquor in a Princeton hotel room. He downs the last of the bottle and blacks out. Later, he takes a call from Gillian who urges him to come home to his son and business in order to show that he has nothing to hide. Later still, he snorts the last of the heroin Luciano gave him and cries into the empty paper.

Van Alden arrives at the post office. He is met by Randolph, Fallon and Deacon Lemuel Cuffy. Lathrop sidles up behind Van Alden as Randolph introduces the visitors, reminding Van Alden that he has met Cuffy. Fallon produces Sebso’s gun and new shoes from a box; Sebso removed them before going into the river where Van Alden drowned him. Randolph asks if Van Alden recognises the items. Cuffy quotes Proverbs 21:15 “It is joy for the just to do justice.” Lathrop instructs Van Alden to hold his hands up as he takes Van Alden's gun. Van Alden grabs the weapon once it is out of the holster and fires it into Lathrop’s right knee. Lathrop collapses, dropping the gun and Van Alden flees the room. Van Alden pushes past Agent Sawicki and runs out of the building.

Margaret drinks alone at home. Nucky is surprised to find her drinking at all and offers to join her. She shows him the subpoena and he tells her to ignore it. She wonders if that is all he has to say and he reassures her that Fallon can handle it. She wonders what has changed as the day before he was convinced he was going to prison. He tells her that Van Alden is not a credible witness and that he hopes to think of something regarding Eli. Margaret says that they began in sin and he cuts her off. She repeats it and goes on to say that they will end in sin unless they change. Nucky tells her that he only cares about the present and she asks him to look at what is happening. He says that what is happening is that she is talking rubbish. She says that he is wrong and that she is more sure of it than anything in her life. He says that Emily was stricken with a disease and she asserts that it was caused by her sin. He asks what she has done and she lists stealing, cheating and deceiving. He asks her to be specific. She admits stealing from her family, her employer and him. He asks who she has deceived and she says anyone who thinks that she is good. He asks who she has cheated on. He steps closer when she hesitates and dares her to continue. She says that she lives with the man who had the father of her children murdered. Nucky denies his involvement and retracts his earlier implications in that regard. Margaret says that he is lying to her. They shout at one another. He believes that she is trying to martyr herself for accepting the lifestyle that he works hard to provide. She believes she is being called to account. He wonders if she is really contemplating testifying against him. She tries to leave and he grabs her by the wrists. She struggles until he tells her to listen. He says that he cannot stop her from punishing herself but will not permit her to sacrifice him. She wonders what he means by permit and he warns her that he is good to his word. He asks if she understands him and she asks if he will hit her now. He snatches the subpoena from her and reminds her that he has given her everything. He leaves her stood alone in the surroundings he paid for.

Jimmy is back in Atlantic City, pallid and sweaty. He listens as his mother plans how to handle Angela’s murder while she is doing embroidery. She talks of arranging a funeral for appearance's sake. She notes that there will be few mourners given Angela’s narrow circle. She tells Jimmy that Louise was from out of town and that the police are trying to reach her relatives, saying that Louise is not their concern. She says that they need to consider Tommy and reveals that she has told him that his mother went away to paint for a few days. She suggests telling Tommy that Angela went to live with her friends in Paris and wanted him to stay with them. She brazenly claims that Tommy will forget Angela in a month. Jimmy rushes across the room and chokes Gillian, repeating over and over that he will remember. She claws at his chest and gasps for breath. His father, Louis Kaestner, stabs him in the shoulder with an antique spear. Jimmy falls to the floor and Gillian sucks in air. The Commodore pulls back the spear and Jimmy flips over and grabs it as his father tries to drive it into his chest. They grapple with the weapon and Jimmy gets to his feet before being pushed back against the wall. The Commodore attempts to choke Jimmy with the weapon as Gillian screams no from her seat. Jimmy stabs his father in the abdomen with his trench knife. The Commodore drops the spear and stumbles backwards, the blade still in place. Gillian shouts at Jimmy to finish it after he rips the weapon free. Jimmy stabs his father in the chest and he collapses to the floor, twitching. Jimmy limps into the next room and then drops to the ground, unconscious.

Jimmy awakens when the clock chimes to find his left arm and chest bandaged. He grips his wounded shoulder. Harrow cleans up the blood and wipes Jimmy’s knife. He notices Jimmy watching him and draws the curtains between the rooms.

Jimmy hears Angela calling to him and telling him she has to leave but when he awakens she is not there. Jimmy stands and goes back into the room where The Commodore's body was. The corpse is gone and the bloodstains on the floor and the wall have been scrubbed. Jimmy grabs his jacket to cover his bloody bandages when Gillian brings Tommy downstairs. She reassures Tommy that Jimmy has not gone anywhere. Tommy tells Jimmy that he has had a bad dream and Jimmy says that he did too but that everything will be fine. Tommy asks for his mother and Gillian says that she is there and not to worry. Gillian tells Jimmy that he did not mean what he did and that they will not mention it again. She says things will get better and hopes that he can see that. She picks Tommy up and takes him upstairs. Jimmy stares up at her as she tells him one day soon his son will no longer be a little boy and that it happens just like that. She says that she will put Tommy to bed.