Boardwalk Empire Wiki

Some things we should do if we want to succeed:


We need to partition the content into easily manageable groups so people can work on them and not be overwhelmed by how much we're missing. As near as I can tell, there are sort of four main areas of content that we have on here:


Perhaps, the simplest of the four. We should standardize actor pages by using Template:Actor infobox, and including their filmography and other relevant information. Unfortunately most of these pages are destined to be short, but it's the best we can do.

Also, do we want to have pages for minor crewmembers?


Lots and lots of characters. Perhaps the most important part of an TV website, and we should have great information on all of them.

  • In my opinion we should stop with the "Minor characters from..." pages. Every character should have a page.
  • We should have a better way to indicate appearances: Wiki 24 has a good way of doing that, seen here. We should have a standard for how we format character pages, perhaps with the following:
    • Lede
    • Basic biography
    • Season 1/Season 2 specific biography
    • Relationships
    • Memorable quotes
    • Trivia if applicable

For shorter characters this won't really apply and we'll only have an unsectioned one or two paragraph page on them, plus infobox.

Episode Guides[]

These are going to be the main thing people are looking for right after episodes. They should get done in a timely manner, and we should have a format for them as well, perhaps with a lede, synopsis, quotes, and cast. Detail is key.


Other things such as locations, organizations, or groups. Probably the least important, but they still need to be taken care of. After we have all of the other stuff I mentioned, we can move on to a really detailed project on the entire show, where we watch one episode and note down every little thing that needs a page (think the city names, books mentioned, stores, even things mentioned in newspaper snapshots), and get to the point where we are insanely detailed, like Dr. Who's sausage.


I will be working over the next week or so to make the existing pages here grammatically and syntactically correct. I'll also rework the category structure.


This wiki is currently on the 6th page on a Google search for "Boardwalk Empire", but usually is on the first page for specific searches like character names. I think we can do a lot better, and the keys are:

  • A good main page with the right links up top (Meighan is working on this)
  • MediaWiki:Pagetitle should be better-suited to Google's crawlers. I'm not sure exactly what could go there, does anyone have ideas?
  • Links, links, links. Try and get as many related sites to link back to us as possible, even if it's just a link exchange. Once we have some good content, we should try to get in contact with the people who run the official site for Boardwalk Empire on HBO. If we get a link from there I think we can get on the first page of Google results, which would be a huge victory.


While this seems to be just about the only site that is aiming to have full coverage of everything about Boardwalk Empire, it's still not very well-known. We should try to recruit some fanatics of the show to help edit here. IMDB message boards are very active and there might be some people there to help out. Facebook has a popular page on the show, and we can reach lots of people if we get in with whoever's running that page. Finally, the official forum on HBO is a place we might be able to get some support.