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Walker (first name unknown) is a supporting character in Season 2's premiere episode, "21". He is an employee of Chalky White and is played by an uncredited actor.


Season 2[]

Walker is trusted guarding the door outside of the warehouse by the woods were Chalky White is supervising the watering of rum in order to fabricate bootleg liquor. Not so much after the rum was brought by Jimmy Darmody, five members of the Ku Klux Klan arrive in a truck and attack Walker, slashing his throat from ear to ear. He manages to knock on the door for help, but drops dead before he can tell what's happened. The klansmen then fire a M1917 Browning machine gun on the warehouse, killing three more men and injuring half a dozen more. ("21")

Walker's widow, Henny Walker, is the first of four women to demand a response from Chalky White for the four men killed by the attack during a meeting at church a few months later. ("What Does the Bee Do?")


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