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William Shakespeare is a historical figure mentioned in the second and third seasons. Shakespeare (26 April 1564 (baptised) – 23 April 1616) was an English poet and playwright, widely regarded as the greatest writer in the English language and the world's pre-eminent dramatist.


Season 1[]

After Mickey Doyle informs Nucky Thompson that he has changed his name, Nucky sarcastically quotes the sentence "A rose by any other name" from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. Mickey does not get the reference and Nucky angrily commands him to "read a fucking book". ("Boardwalk Empire")

Season 2[]

In 'Georgia Peaches' Manny Horvits tells Doyle that "He who dies, pays all debts," to which Doyle quips "Where's that from? The Bible? Whole lot of wisdom in there..." when in fact this is a quote from The Tempest by William Shakespeare, often confused for a biblical reference like the quote 'To thine own self be true' which is from Hamlet. Nucky Thompson references Shakespeare's play Julius Caesar in conversation with his brother Eli Thompson. He says "Et tu, Eli" in reference to the famous line "Et tu, Brutus" from the play. Nucky has been betrayed by Eli as Caesar was betrayed by Brutus. Eli fails to catch the reference, asking if there was a character named Eli in the book. Nucky is disgusted with his lack of education. ("To the Lost")

Season 3[]

Eli Thompson tells his son William that he read Shakespeare while he was in prison. ("Spaghetti and Coffee")



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* - Mentioned only

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