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William "Willie" Thompson is a recurring character in the third and fourth seasons and main character in the fifth season. He is played by co-star Kevin Csolak in the third season. Starring cast member Ben Rosenfield took over the role for the fourth and fith season. He is the oldest child of Eli and June Thompson. He has eight siblings; Edith, Michael, Patrick, Brian, Anne, Dermott and two other sisters.


Season 2[]

He does not attend the funeral of his grandfather Ethan Thompson. ("Battle of the Century")

Season 3[]

He welcomes his father Eli with a handshake when he returns home after sixteen months in prison for election rigging. Eli notices Will's firm grip and Edith volunteers that he has been working in a lumber yard while Eli has been away. Eli stays up all night building a toy plane he bought for William's birthday just before his incarceration. William rises early to head to his job at a lumber yard; he has been working to provide for the family in Eli's absence. Eli tries to tell him that he should go back to school but cannot dissuade him from heading to work. Faced with the realities of supporting his family, Eli goes to work for Mickey Doyle, bootlegging manager to his estranged brother Nucky Thompson. Later in the season, Willie moderately gets involved with the war between  Nucky Thompson and Gyp Rosetti. He lets Nucky in a small warehouse where Nucky eventually runs into Al Capone and Chalky White.

Season 4[]

William looks to take a more active role in the "family business," but Nucky encourages him to continue pursuing an education at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA instead.




  • Doris: Girlfriend
  • Clayton: Roomate and friend
  • Henry: Rival (deceased)


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